Released BSB v7.0 Update: What You Need to Know

It’s official! The 2020 BSB Training Package is now out on, effectively replacing all previous units and qualifications.   This much-anticipated update was made to keep the training package in line with the ever-evolving best practices and support regulatory compliance. The latest version also takes into consideration the increasingly digital environment that students need to […]

Updates to the new 2020 BSB Training Package

Updates to the new 2020 BSB Training Package There have been some significant changes in the BSB training package that affects most of the qualifications and units in the training package. Being one of the most in-demand areas of training, the new BSB training package update means most RTOs and students will be affected.  The update has added new […]
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Get Ready for these New RII Training Package Updates

The NEW RII Training Package Is Coming: Here’s What You Should Know Feedback for the final draft of the Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training Package Version 5.0 has just ended, and it seems RTOs can expect significant changes in the new update.    The update includes changes in the qualifications and […]

RTOs to Benefit From Federal Government’s $1 Billion JobTrainer Program

The new $1B JobTrainer Program is set to subsidise training and wages for young Australians and create over 340,000 new training spaces  The Federal Government has revealed the new JobTrainr skills investment package which will focus on training or re-skilling job hunters across a wide range of industries. The billion-dollar program aims to subsidise training […]

Preparing for your Annual Declaration on Compliance? Here Are Some Tips

IMPORTANT: In light of COVID-19, the Annual Declaration of Compliance deadline has been extended from 31 March to 30 April 2020 The submission of the Annual Declaration on Compliance is a critical and necessary requirement for all Registered Training Organisations, and the information you’ll provide in the declaration is a […]