BSB20115 Certificate II in Business - Learner Guides Only

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BSB20115 Learner Guides

Get this premium BSB20115 RTO materials package for the Certificate II in Business qualification from a leading Australian VET training resource developer! Your BSB20115 Certificate II in Business RTO training resources bundle includes:

  • Learner Resources (PDF) with learning content for your students to study to complete the assessments
  • Trainer Manuals (PDF) trainer versions of the learner resources with answers to formative assessment tasks

There is a range of elective units available for the BSB20115 qualification, so you are able to customise your elective units and design the packaging you need for your RTO. The BSB20115 RTO resources package is also available as an Assessment Tool Only package or a complete set of Training AND Assessment Resources, simply check the online shop to find these product options. Buy these BSB20115 RTO training resources now through the online checkout, or fill out the form to receive a free information pack with more information and samples of these RTO training resources. Our friendly training resource advisors will be happy to assist with any questions or a customised quote on your RTO materials!


BSB20115 Learning Resources

Your new BSB20115 Certificate II in Business training resources package is a comprehensive set of learning resources designed to support your training delivery of the BSB20115 qualification in your RTO.

This package of RTO training materials allows you to select from a range of units to design your qualification packaging. You’ll receive the following set of documents for each unit of competency you select:

  • Learner Resources (PDF) with learning content for your students to study to complete the assessments
  • Trainer Manuals (PDF) trainer versions of the learner resources with answers to formative assessment tasks

BSB20115 Learner Guides

A full set of Learning Resources are supplied with the BSB20115 RTO materials package. This includes 2 documents per unit – a student “Learner Resource” with learning content for your students, and a “Trainer Manual” which includes answers to the formative assessment tasks found in the student document.

Learner Resources or Learner Guides are becoming increasingly important for vocational training delivery – not only does it provide students with more information and resources they can study outside the classroom so they are not reliant on the trainer to deliver all information, but they also assist you to demonstrate you deliver an adequate volume of learning in your training delivery.

A BSB20115 Assessment Tools Only package and a complete BSB20115 RTO Training & Assessment Resources package is also available from this publisher.

BSB20115 Printed Resources

Once you have licensed these materials on the digital model, you are free to print the learner guides for your own trainers and students to use in the classroom. This publisher also offers professionally printed copies of these training resources (sold separately). Please contact us for more information about printed training materials.

More Information About the BSB20115 Qualification

Find more information about the BSB20115 Certificate II in Business qualification, including currency, vocational outcomes, elements, performance criteria, units requirements, course packaging and more on the page here – BSB20115 Certificate II in Business.

For BSB20115 training providers, course costs, qualifiation outcomes and more, check the page here – BSB20115 Certificate II in Business.

NB: We do NOT provide ANY training services. We are exclusively a publisher and distributor of RTO training materials for TAFEs, Universities, RTOs, and other vocational education providers.

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BSB20115 Certificate II in Business Learning Resources Package Includes 12 Units of Competency!

As part of this Certificate II in Business Learning and Assessment Resource package, you will receive assessor guides and assessor workbooks for a full 12 units of competency. You can choose from the available electives to design a package to deliver learning outcomes useful in a wide range of Business settings.

BSB20115 Core Units:

  • BSBWHS201 Contribute to health and safety of self and others

BSB20115 Elective Units:

  • BSBCUS201 Deliver a service to customers
  • BSBIND201 Work effectively in a business environment
  • BSBINM201 Process and maintain workplace information
  • BSBINM202 Handle mail
  • BSBINN201 Contribute to workplace innovation
  • BSBCMM201 Communicate in the workplace
  • BSBITU201 Produce simple word processed documents
  • BSBITU202 Create and use spreadsheets
  • BSBITU203 Communicate electronically
  • BSBSMB201 Identify suitability for micro business
  • BSBSUS201 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
  • BSBWOR202 Organise and complete daily work activities
  • BSBWOR203 Work effectively with others
  • BSBWOR204 Use business technology

BSB20115 Licensing & Support

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BSB20115 Training Resource Publisher

This BSB20115 RTO materials package is published by Precision Group (Australia).

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