BSB52215 Diploma of Legal Services Training Materials

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Your BSB52215 training materials come complete with:

  • Learner Guides
  • Assessment Workbooks
  • Assessor Guides
  • Mapping Document
  • “Real World” Virtual Workplace Resources

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IMPORTANT: These training materials are supplied from the Careers Australia library of content. Some units may have missing components and/or require extra modification before they are appropriate for training.


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Some training resource publishers may rebadge their existing materials with the latest unit codes, this RTO training resources package from RTO Learning Materials has been comprehensively mapped and written to meet the new 2019-release WHS unit requirements.

BSB52215 Learning Resources

Your BSB52215 RTO training materials come with a complete set of Learning resources that covers all units in the qualification package. These include:

  • Learner Guides– contains comprehensive learning materials and educational content for your students to study prior to assessment.

Your new Learner Guides come complete with Learning Activities to ensure that your learners can put the valuable knowledge and skills they are learning into practice. This is critical when it comes to showing ASQA how you have met the Volume of Learning hours at audit.

BSB52215 Assessment Tools

The BSB52215 comes with a comprehensive set of detailed assessment workbooks, assessor guides, and mapping documents. This lets your RTO focus on contextualising the training materials to the specific needs of your learners and developing your training and assessment strategies.

Your BSB52215 assessment tools come complete with:

  • Assessment Workbooks– your assessment tools have been written and designed by professional instructional designers to ensure that all learner assessment workbooks follow best industry practices.
  • Assessor Guides– detailed benchmark answers and evidence criteria which is a fundamental requirement of your compliance. The simple to understand trainer assessor assessment can be contextualised to meet current workplace requirements.
  • Mapping Document– includes comprehensive mapping documents that map each task against unit and assessment requirements This is essential for your RTO’s compliance activities and helps you demonstrate compliance at audit.
  • “Real World” Virtual Workplace Resources– training resources are supported by additional workplace resources including templates, policies, and procedures. This gives students easier access to much-needed resources and better prepare students in real working environments.

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Your package of educational resources for the BSB52215 will be delivered in digital format, and you will have permission to brand, customise and adapt training materials to suit your needs and the needs of your student cohort.

NB: We do NOT provide ANY training services. We are exclusively a publisher and distributor of RTO training materials for TAFEs, Universities, RTOs, and other vocational education providers.

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  • Learner Guide
  • Assessment Workbook
  • Assessor Guide
  • Mapping Document

BSB52215 Licensing & Support

This training resource was developed by Precision Group (Australia) and ongoing licensing and support is supplied by the publisher. See the Precision Group Terms of Sale here for more information about licensing and terms of use.

On payment, RTO Learning Materials will prepare a license agreement for you acknowledging the terms and conditions of sale, which must be signed and returned to us before we are able to release these training resources to you.

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