MEM30819 Certificate III in Locksmithing RTO Learning Resources

TotalVET Training Resources is evaluating its next round of development projects and taking expressions of interest in a creation of a range of training materials, including the MEM30819 Certificate III in Locksmithing RTO materials.

If you are interested in learning and assessment materials for the MEM30819 qualification, please let us know by filling out the form and submitting an enquiry.

A full qualification training resource package from TotalVET typically comes with the following training tools:

  • Comprehensive Assessment Tools
  • Complete Assessor Guides with Assessment Benchmarks
  • Detailed Mapping Document
  • Engaging Learner Guides
  • Learning Activities
  • Simulated Workplace Documents
  • PowerPoint Presentations

TotalVET’s RTO materials also include these useful features:

  • Unlimited Student Use Licence
  • Fully Editable Digital Format
  • Easily Print and/or Upload to LMS

Give us a ring or submit and enquiry to express your interest in having TotalVET create these MEM30819 training and assessment materials. If we receive sufficient interest in development of a training resource, TotalVET will investigate the viability of creating the MEM30819 training resources for your RTO!

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MEM30819 Certificate III in Locksmithing RTO Training Resources

TotalVET Training Resources is a well-known developer and publisher of comprehensive and easy-to-use training materials. TotalVET’s course materials are meticulously researched and go through a thorough validation process prior to publishing. TotalVET’s industry experts and instructional design professionals to ensure you receive high-quality training resources.

TotalVET is currently evaluating possible future development projects and is taking expressions of interest in creation of a wide range of training and assessment resources including the MEM30819 RTO materials. If you are interested in getting RTO resources for the MEM30819 course, please let us know by submitting an enquiry!

MEM30819 Assessment Resources

The MEM30819 RTO materials will include:

  • Assessment Tools – create a strong portfolio of assessment evidence and assess course requirements with a wide variety of tasks.
  • Assessor Guide – your trainers can efficiently assess student competency with this handy assessor guide complete with assessment benchmarks.
  • Mapping Document – assists trainers when mapping unit requirements to the corresponding assessment. It will also help assessors demonstrate compliance or conduct validation.

MEM30819 RTO Learning Resources

Here are the learning resources you can expect from the MEM30819 Certificate III in Locksmithing RTO Materials package:

  • Learner Guide – tons of information to ensure students gain the necessary skills they need to pass assessment and be successful in the [Industry]
  • Workplace Documents – additional resources such as templates, policies and procedures, diagrams and other workplace documents to help prepare students for work and assist with assessment.
  • PowerPoint Presentations – enhance your classroom and online training delivery with the help of these learner aids. These PowerPoints can also be an additional learning resource for your students.

MEM30819 RTO Resource Features

TotalVET Training Resources will also provide the MEM30819 training resource package these features:

  • Unlimited Student Licence – your RTO won’t have to worry about paying ongoing per student licence fees saving your organisation potential thousands. Train as many students you want under your RTO.
  • Editable Digital Format – promote your brand on your training and assessment resources! Simply edit your training materials and contextualise it to fit your RTO’s needs.
  • Print or Upload to your Learning Management System – distribute the RTO course materials with ease by printing copies or uploading them to your Learning Management System.

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