SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions Training Resources and RTO Materials

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SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions RTO Learning Materials

SECURE SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions RTO Materials now from one of the top RTO resources developer – Precision RTO Resources! Your SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions RTO resources will help you successfully deliver and assess the latest SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions.

Your SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions RTO training resources package will include these materials:

  • Learner Resource
  • Trainer Manual
  • Learning Activity Workbook
  • Mapping Tool
  • Access to Virtual Workplace Resources (wherever applicable)
  • PowerPoint
  • SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions e-Learning Resources (Optional)

This unit is included in the following Qualification/s:

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Product Details

SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions RTO Learning Materials

Secure your RTO’s SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions RTO learning resources by ORDERING NOW! This SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions RTO material package is developed by Precision RTO Resources.

These SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions RTO resources go through a comprehensive development process including validation and subject matter expert reviews before delivery to you.

Get value for your money with our SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions Training Resources:

  • Blended delivery training materials – can be used in a mix of classroom, self-paced study, and practical workplace-based assessments.
  • Quality RTO training materials – receive quality and compliance improvements FREE OF CHARGE for the lifetime of the units.
  • Contextualisable, Editable, Rebrandable Format – this format will let you edit, re-brand, re-template, and do other modifications to suit your RTO’s training style or requirements.
  • Print or Upload to your Learning Management System – you can integrate copies into your LMS for easy distribution to students or even print unlimited copies.
  • Rectification Assistance Guarantee – we are confident of the quality of our RTO resources. If ever there is an issue with them at a regulatory audit, we will gladly assist you with rectifications at no additional charge to you (T&Cs apply).
  • Free Enhancements/ Improvements – you will receive all quality and compliance improvements to the SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions RTO learning resources for free!
  • Unlimited Digital Student Licence – you won’t incur any ongoing per-student fees when you purchase our RTO materials package!

Precision RTO Resources’ team of industry experts has developed the latest SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions training package. They apply industry best practices in developing the RTO learning resources to ensure a quality training product.

SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions Learner Resource

All SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions RTO resources come with the Learner Resource. The Learner Resource document provides heaps of important information and learning activities to help prepare students for the course assessments.

SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions Trainer Manual

The Trainer Manual contains answers to the learning activities found in the Learner Resource document. Your students will get heaps of helpful, timely, and industry-relevant information in this document and it will help them complete the course.

SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions RTO Assessment Tools

Your SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions RTO assessment resources come with detailed benchmark answers, so you have a clear standard of competence to help you demonstrate compliance and produce quality graduates equipped to join the workforce.

Your new and complete RTO assessment resources will include:

  • Learning Activity Booklet – includes summative assessment tasks which may include short answers, case studies, projects, and practical observations.
  • Assessor Assessment Pack – with benchmarks to make it easy for trainers or assessors to determine the competency of student submissions.
  • Mapping Tool – provides a detailed and systematic mapping of where unit requirements are met in the assessments. The Mapping Tool is at the back of the Assessor Assessment document.

SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions PowerPoint

PowerPoint Presentations– supplemental RTO materials that support webinar and face-to-face delivery by presenting key learning points through content notes and images.

Virtual Workplace Resources

Your SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions RTO learning materials package will include access to virtual workplace resources (where applicable)! Virtual workplace resources may include forms, templates, policies, procedures, case studies, scenarios, reports, and other files.

These files address the problem of students not being able to complete their training because most workplace files are either “confidential” or “private”.

Add On SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions RTO e-Learning Resources!

Add the optional e-Learning resources package to your SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions RTO training resources and SAVE! Get an extra discount on your RTO e-Learning resources when you bundle with your complete SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions RTO resources package now.

Your new RTO e-Learning materials feature:

  • HTML5/SCORM compliant SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions e-Learning resources
  • Engaging course content, narration of the course materials, and interactive elements
  • Plug-and-play compatibility with most in-demand LMS platforms
  • Can be used to easily and quickly set up online training
  • Can help track and demonstrate the volume of learning – a useful feature during audits!

Unlimited Student Licence

This means you are free to deliver and assess training to as many students as you want WITHOUT paying ongoing per-student fees for learner resources and other materials!

Printable and Digital RTO Learning Resources

Choose the distribution method that suits your RTO’s delivery strategy. Print RTO training resources for classroom settings or for students to take on work placement, or upload to your LMS for convenient digital distribution. Add on the optional e-Learning resources for an even better online training experience for your students!

Brandable RTO Learning Materials

You are free to edit, modify, or adapt the resources to your RTO’s needs, or even to rebrand them to promote your RTO.

Note: We are exclusively a publisher and distributor of RTO training materials for TAFEs, Universities, RTOs, and other training providers. We do not provide ANY training services.

Enquire Now to Purchase Quality RTO Materials!

You can get these RTO resources now by simply sending us an enquiry to complete your order of the SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions RTO learning materials! Contact us for more information, samples, and pricing options.

Secure your SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions RTO learning materials now!

e-Learning Resources

SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions RTO e-Learning Resources

Unlock unparalleled support for your trainers and learners with our engaging SHBBMUP008 e-Learning resources! Designed to enhance the delivery of high-quality Apply eyelash extensions training, these state-of-the-art e-Learning resources offer interactive and user-friendly content.

Experience exceptional training with the following features:

Interactive e-Learning Content

Engage students and boost knowledge retention with highly interactive e-Learning content. Our e-Learning resources include clickable elements, summarised chapter quizzes, and auto-marking quizzes, enabling students to learn independently.

Narrated Course Content

Cater to diverse learning styles with our narrated course content. Students with LLN needs can listen to the audio narration, providing an alternative learning method.

Self-Marking Quizzes

Empower students and streamline the assessment process with self-marking quizzes. These assessments allow students to quickly identify areas for improvement, reducing the need for extensive trainer involvement.

Plug-and-Play Compatibility

Seamlessly integrate our e-Learning resources into popular learning management systems such as eSkilled LMS, Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, and more. Our resources are compatible with the SCORM/HTML5 format, ensuring hassle-free installation.

Our SHBBMUP008 Apply eyelash extensions e-Learning resources are provided in a fully editable digital format, granting you the freedom to customise, contextualise, and modify the materials according to your RTO’s unique standards.

Please note that our e-Learning resources include learning content only and do not encompass learner guides, trainer guides, assessment tools, or PowerPoint presentations.

To learn more about these exceptional e-Learning resources and other RTO training resources, fill in the form today. You can also schedule a walkthrough or explore our demos to see the resources firsthand.


SHBBMUP008 Training Resources Licensing and Support

Read the Precision RTO Resources terms of sale for more information about licensing and terms of use. A licence agreement acknowledging the terms and conditions of sale must be signed and returned to us before we are able to release training resources to you.

SHBBMUP008 e-Learning Resources Licensing and Support

Experience the excellence of SHBBMUP008 e-Learning resources developed by eSkilled RTO Resources, a leading provider of e-Learning materials in Australia.

RTO Learning Materials proudly partners with eSkilled to offer high-quality e-Learning resources for RTOs. For more detailed information, we invite you to review the comprehensive terms of sale provided by eSkilled RTO Resources.

Simply fill in the form on this page and submit your enquiry for more information and samples of the materials!

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