CPCCPD2012A Use painting and decorating tools and equipment - Training Resources

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Get new CPCCPD2012A Use painting and decorating tools and equipment from one of Australia’s leading resource publisher, CAQA Resources. Your new CPCCPD2012A training resources will help you deliver and assess this sought-after unit of competency from CPC training package.

The CPCCPD2012A Use painting and decorating tools and equipment Resource comes with:

  • Student Assessment Workbooks
  • Trainer Assessor Assessment Materials
  • Learner Guides
  • Mapping Document
  • Self-Study Guides
  • Class Activity Books
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Session Plans
  • Simulated Business Resources (where applicable)

These resources come with an unlimited student licence—say goodbye to ongoing fees! Your materials can also be easily rebranded (promote your RTO), and you can print as many copies as you like.

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CPCCPD2012A Use painting and decorating tools and equipment Training Resources

Get the latest CPCCPD2012A Use painting and decorating tools and equipment RTO training and resource assessment tools from CAQA, one of Australia’s most trusted RTO resource developers. These training resources will help you deliver quality, up-to-date training for this unit of competency.

The RTO training and assessment materials in this unit training package are designed to give your organisation and your students the best learning experience possible. These course materials were created with the help of professional instructional designers and industry expert to ensure their quality.

These training resources by CAQA were created to meet all CPCCPD2012A training requirements and underwent a comprehensive development process to make sure you receive only the best RTO training materials.

CPCCPD2012A Learner Resources

  • Learner Guides— developed to meet training package requirements. These also include formative assessments to evaluate students’ competence level before they undertake any summative assessments.

CPCCPD2012A Assessment Tools

  • Students Assessment Workbooks—include an assessment plant, context and conditions of assessment, tasks to be administered to the student, and an outline of the evidence to be gathered from the candidate.
  • The Trainer Assessor Assessment Materials— have benchmark answers and evidence criteria used by assessors to judge competence.
  • Mapping Document— maps each assessment task back to the unit requirements. This vital reference tool will help with compliance and at audit.
  • Simulated Business Resources (where applicable)— includes workplace resources such as templates, policies, procedures, and the like to ensure students have access to the resources required for assessment are consistent with the Principles of Assessment and the Rules of Evidence.

Additional CPCCPD2012A Training Resources

  • Self-Study Guide— support your learners and help them understand the underpinning knowledge of the training package with this tool. This guide assists with delivering effective, engaging, and compliant classroom or webinar delivery of this unit.
  • Class Activity Books—help your students develop greater understanding of the competencies with these books. These materials allow your trainers and assessors to collect detailed information on students’ current level of competence. Your trainers and assessors will have a better idea on how to improve instruction and ensure excellent learning outcomes.
  • Session Plans—for effective and engaging classroom delivery of the unit. These plans are easy-to-customise to adapt to different delivery modes.
  • PowerPoint Presentations—designed around classroom delivery sessions. These presentations have pictures, topic headings, and key content notes for each topic. It also includes mapping so you can demonstrate how this tool meets your training package requirements.

Features of Your CPCCPD2012A Resources

  • Unlimited Student Licence—you are free to deliver and assess training to as many students as you want within your RTO. No ongoing fees or resource costs!
  • Printable Digital Resources—print as many copies of the RTO training resources as you like for your students to use in the classroom or take with them on work placement.
  • Editable Training Resources—your CPCCPD2012A training materials come in an easy-to-edit digital format so you can contextualise them to meet your organisations’ needs.

More Information About the CPCCPD2012A Use painting and decorating tools and equipment Unit of Competency

Find more information about the CPCCPD2012A Use painting and decorating tools and equipment unit of competency, including currency, vocational outcomes, elements, performance criteria, unit requirements, course packaging and more on the training.gov.au page here.

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