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Deliver High-Quality Training with Exceptional SIT Skill Set Training Resources

Enhance your training delivery with high-quality RTO resources. Produced by one of the country’s leading RTO resource developers, Precision RTO Resources, these training resources will help your RTO deliver exceptional training that will delight your students.

These learning materials come with industry leading features and are ready to use. Reach out to us today to learn more or get free samples.

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What’s Included in the SIT Skill Set Training Materials?

Complete RTO Learning Resources

These ready-to-use RTO training resources include formative assessments, mapping tools, and PowerPoint presentations to help your students gain all the information they need to finish the course.

Comprehensive Assessments Tools

Your new SIT skill set RTO training materials contain assessment guides with clear benchmark answers to help guide your assessors in making accurate and consistent evaluations.

Interactive e-Learning Resources

Deliver online training and get the matching e-Learning resources for a fraction of the cost. These resources are equipped with engaging content, self-marking quizzes, and clickable elements to help you boost student engagement.

Unlimited Student Licence

Train as many students as you want with a once-off fee. Save on expenses while delivering high-quality training.

Editable Digital Format

Supplied in an unlocked digital format, you can customise, contextualise, modify, and re-brand these RTO training materials according to your requirements.

Continuous Review and Updates

Our RTO resources are continually updated with regulatory changes, compliance updates, and customer feedback, and all clients are notified of these free updates.

Rectification Assistance Guarantee

Precision training resources are covered by an audit rectification guarantee. If you encounter any issue at a regulatory audit in the future, we will gladly assist you with rectification at no additional cost (T&Cs apply).

Detailed Mapping

These RTO training resources include comprehensive mapping tools for learner resources, PowerPoint presentations, and assessments.
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“Real World” Simulated Business Workplace

This virtual intranet site hosts workplace documentation that will allow your students to complete training activities when they aren’t employed. With just a single login credential, everyone in your organisation can gain access to the simulated website.
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