Outstanding RTO Training Resources for Training and Education TAE Skill Sets

Outstanding RTO Training Resources for Training and Education TAE Skill Sets

Maximising Your RTO's Potential with Skill Sets by Compliant Learning Resources

Experience the benefit of unparalleled training with premium TAE skill set RTO materials published by Compliant Learning Resources! Incorporating skill sets into your RTO’s offerings can be a game changer in several ways:
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What Our Training Resources Can Do For Your RTO

High quality training doesn’t have to be complicated. Acquire comprehensive, reliable, and adaptable RTO learning materials to help you deliver first-class training.

Train an Unlimited Number of Students

Enrol as many students as you want with an unlimited student licencing model without any recurring payments.

Modify RTO Materials Easily

Get complete control of your RTO training resources so you can edit and contextualise them according to you RTO’s needs.

Achieve the Learning Volume Requirements

Be confident your training resources will meet volume of learning requirements when you utilise comprehensive RTO materials published by Compliant Learning Resources!

Save Time During Assessments

Comprehensive assessment guides include benchmark answers to help assessors make accurate and consistent evaluations.

Supplement training with e-Learning Resources

Get the matching e-Learning resources with visual presentations, interactive elements and summary quizzes for a fraction of the cost!

Enjoy FREE Updates

Our training resources undergo constant improvement to meet regulatory changes and fix compliance issues for a seamless auditing process + training delivery.

Compliance Peace of Mind

Compliance is easier with an audit rectification guarantee and advanced mapping tools. Get advanced support when being audited or undertaking validation, with comprehensive mapping of learner resources, PowerPoint presentations, and assessments.

Offer an Advanced Learning Mode with Contemporary Virtual Workplace

Save time, money and effort with Compliant Learning Resources’ simulated business sites! Allow unemployed students to easily complete training activities using our out-of-the-box workplace intranet sites.

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Training and Education (TAE) Skill Sets RTO Training Resources

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Code Name
Assessor Skill Set
Workplace Trainer Skill Set
Facilitation Skill Set
Online Learning and Assessment Skill Set
VET Delivered to School Students Teacher Enhancement Skill Set
Foundation Skills Integration Skill Set
Training Design Skill Set
Work Skill Instructor Skill Set
Design and Deliver E-Learning Skill Set

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