Transform your RTO’s learning experience with professional e-learning resources! These e-learning materials will help your RTO turn learning into an on-demand, exciting audio-visual experience – perfect for learners who struggle with reading dry, boring textbooks and would otherwise struggle to complete their training.

Get out-of-the-box e-learning resources for your LMS

Get easy-to-use plug and play e-learning content for your Learning Management System today!

For many RTO’s the cost of creating e-learning is cost prohibitive – literally thousands of dollars per unit on top of creating assessment tools and other vital training materials.

Fortunately, plug-and-play ready e-learning materials are now available from Eskilled, an e-learning publisher specialising in creating Vocational Education and Training resources. BYO LMS, import these e-learning resources and start training!

These e-learning resources from Eskilled are professionally developed and designed to provide an easy to understand and enjoyable learning experience for your students.

Simply plug-and-play with many of the most popular e-learning platforms on the market – including Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, and many other popular LMS platforms.

Your new e-learning tools from eskilled include:

  • Narration of the learning content
  • Unit broken into bite-size chapters for easy study
  • Interactive elements
  • Plug and play e-learning format
  • Desktop, mobile and tablet compatibility
  • Easy installation in Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, and other popular e-learning platforms
  • Tested with ESkilled’s own Moodle-based LMS platform
  • Editable files can be further customised and modified to suit your requirements

These e-learning resources is also available as an addon with your complete digital training and assessment resources package – it’s just a small additional fee to add the e-learning files to your digital resources package and SAVE thousands of dollars in e-learning development PER UNIT!

This means you will have editable Word/PDF versions that can be easily edited & printed AND e-learning resources ready to plug into your LMS. Contact us today for more information on how to add e-learning materials to your digital training and assessment package.

LMS-based learning resources (Coming Soon!)

Eskilled is currently developing its own Moodle-based LMS which will include all its elearning resources available in a convenient per-student licensing model.

If you do not have your own Learning Management System and want to avoid the hassles, delays and expense of customising, hosting and maintaining your own LMS platform, take advantage of Eskilled’s ready-to-go system.

Their Moodle-based LMS hosts hundreds of units, all ready for enrolment. Begin delivering e-learning courses as soon as possible for as little as $11 per student, per unit.

Quickly and easily enrol your students into Eskilled’s LMS and begin training! Contact Eskilled for more information. You can see their list of units available here.

You may also partner with a fully LMS-based assessment platform such as Cloud Assess to offer a complete online training and assessment experience.

eLearning Resources Demo

Check out a demo of eSkilled’s e-learning resources below: