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RTO Learning Materials partners with Australia’s leading resource publishers to bring you our huge range of learning resources, assessment tools, RPL kits and other vocational training materials. 

RTO Learning Materials services the Australian vocational education and training sector, supplying TAFEs, Universities, Private RTOs, Community Colleges and other Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). 

Our range of training resources can also be used by non-accredited training providers – for internal training within an organisation or by international training providers who do not operate under the Australian VET system. 

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It has been a pleasure working with Amar and Trish as they were so helpful, professional and prompt in their responses to our questions. I work as a Compliance Coordinator and separately consult to RTO’s in the VET sector having validated and worked with SME on many projects over the last 7 and a half years. Precision Group’s Diploma of Business is the best off-the-shelf resource I’ve come across. Normally, one of the issues in the VET sector with off-the-shelf products is that they are so generic, the knowledge questions are just regurgitated performance criteria and the “case studies” say nothing at all, which leaves the RTO still having to do heaps of work. This is not the case with Precision Group’s materials. You not only get the Learner Guide, Assessments, Marking Guide and Mapping, but also their brilliant, detailed business case study that is also available online and to which your students get access to. The dashboard is phenomenal and provides access to all the business documentation the student will need, not only to learn from, but to use for their assessments. Needless to say, I’m very impressed.
Anita Nikora - Assessment Compliance
AAMC Training Inc.