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Your one-stop-shop for high-quality training and assessment resources! We have curated a comprehensive collection of high-quality, up-to-date RTO training materials that meet ASQA standards. Whether starting from scratch or looking to enhance your current offerings, our training resource solutions are designed to support and enrich your training programs.

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Experience the advantages of our industry-leading RTO training resources

Explore a diverse array of training materials that cover various vocational fields, equipping learners with the necessary tools to excel in their chosen professions. Our dedication to educational excellence is evident in the premium training resources we offer, meticulously crafted to aid learners in reaching their professional goals.
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Our Top-Notch RTO Materials from Trusted Brands Like RTO Learning Materials, Compliant Learning Resources, Precision RTO Resources, TotalVET Training Resources & eSkilled

We provide an extensive collection of training resources for RTOs, covering a diverse range of training packages. Discover the ideal RTO resources to purchase that meet industry standards and cater to your training needs!

Committed to Delivering Compliant Learning Resources

RTO Learning Materials recognises the utmost importance of compliance for your RTO. That's why we provide the audit rectification guarantee, offering you the necessary support to address any non-compliance concerns identified during official regulatory audits.
To ensure your access to compliant learning resources, we will provide revised training materials specifically designed to align with the latest regulatory requirements whenever your RTO faces non-compliance issues during an official regulatory audit. These resources are developed in collaboration with industry-leading experts, guaranteeing the relevance and effectiveness of your training programs.
Additionally, we have partnered with esteemed publishers such as Compliant Learning Resources, who share our commitment to delivering quality training. This ensures that your RTO has access to training materials that strictly adheres to industry best practices and regulatory guidelines.

Unlocking Excellence with Our Publishers: RTO Learning Materials, Compliant Learning Resources, TotalVET Training Resources, Precision RTO Resources, and eSkilled

At RTO Learning Materials (RLM), we have forged strategic partnerships with renowned Australian publishers specialising in developing exceptional training resources. By collaborating with these trusted publishers, we ensure that our offerings align with industry requirements and provide you with the tools to deliver high-quality training programs.

Compliant Learning Resources: Empowering Your Training Programs with Uncompromising Compliance and Quality

Compliant Learning Resources, one of our trusted partners, offers a comprehensive suite of meticulously crafted learning resources. With a focus on CHC, TAE, FNS, BSB, SIS, and HLT, CLR ensures that your training programs not only meet stringent compliance standards but also deliver exceptional quality.

TotalVET Training Resources: Unleash High-Quality Training Materials

Our partnership with TotalVET Training Resources brings you a wealth of high-quality training resources and assessment tools. With products ranging from ACM, AHC, AUR, CPC, HLT, ICT, MEM, MSA07, RII, TLI, UEE, and UET, TVTR empowers you to deliver effective and compliant learning experiences.

Precision RTO Resources: Building Compliance and Innovation into Your Training Programs

In addition to Compliant Learning Resources and Total Vet Training Resources, Precision RTO Resources stands as a pillar of excellence, offering various training resources and assessment tools. With a product line up covering BSB, CHC, SIT, SHB, ICT, CPP, CUA, FSK, HLT, SIR, PMA, PSP, PUA, and SIS, PRR ensures your training programs are built on a solid foundation of compliance and innovation.

eSkilled e-Learning: Empowering Education through Innovative Online Learning

eSkilled is a renowned industry leader in delivering cutting-edge e-Learning solutions that revolutionise the educational landscape. With a strong commitment to leveraging technology, they specialise in developing captivating and interactive training resources that drive enhanced learning outcomes. Through their innovative approach, eSkilled empowers learners by providing them with dynamic and immersive educational experiences, resulting in improved engagement and knowledge retention.
Whether you choose resources from our partners or our in-house publications, you can trust RLM to provide you with the highest standard of compliant learning resources.

Why Choose RTO Learning Materials?

RLM homepage - icons_Unlimited Student Use Licencse

Unlimited Student Use Licence

Gain unrestricted access to RTO materials for an unlimited number of students. There's no cap, giving you maximum flexibility and scalability.
RLM homepage - icons_No Ongoing Licence Fees

No Ongoing Licence Fees

We believe in providing value without burdens. With our RTO assessment resources and RTO materials for sale, you won't have to worry about recurring licence fees, no matter how many students you train.
RLM homepage - icons_100% Editable Digital Training Materials

100% Editable Digital Training and Assessment Resources

Tailoring training content has never been easier. Our RTO learning resources are fully editable, allowing for effortless modification, contextualisation, and distribution to suit your students' unique needs.
RLM homepage - icons_Broad Selection of RTO Training Resources

Broad Selection of RTO Training Resources

Discover a vast array of RTO training resources for sale, with dozens of training packages to choose from. Whether you're in need of RTO learning materials for a specific unit or an entire qualification package, you'll find RTO resources to purchase here.
RLM homepage - icons_Extensive Resource Catalogue

Extensive Resource Catalogue

Our collaboration with multiple training resource publishers means you have access to a diverse selection of RTO materials for sale. With thousands of RTO resources to purchase for units and hundreds for qualifications, you can easily find the RTO learning materials you need.
RLM homepage - icons_Flexible Delivery Options

Flexible Delivery Options

Cater to different teaching environments with the option to print RTO resources for classroom use or upload digital files to your Learning Management System (LMS).
RLM homepage - icons_Audit Rectification Guarantee

Audit Rectification Guarantee

Address non-compliance concerns found during regulatory audits with revised RTO learning resources (where applicable).
RLM homepage - icons_Regulatory Compliance Made Easy

Regulatory Compliance Made Easy

Our training resources for RTOs are expertly developed to ensure compliance with the VET industry's best standards, practices, and regulations, making them a reliable choice for compliant learning resources.
Purchase our RTO materials for a seamless, high-quality training experience that empowers both trainers and students!

What Sets Our Training and Assessment Resources Apart?

We understand the importance of having reliable and up-to-date RTO learning resources. That's why we collaborate with trusted publishers of training resources in Australia to bring you RTO materials for sale that meet the highest standards of accuracy and industry relevance.
RLM homepage - icons_Seamless Adaptability

Seamless Adaptability

Our comprehensive RTO materials for sale come in various formats designed to effortlessly fit any training delivery method - online, in person, or blended.
RLM homepage - icons_Trustworthy Publisher

Trustworthy Publisher

We take pride in being a trusted publisher of training resources in Australia, delivering RTO training materials that meet the highest standards of quality, accuracy, and relevance.
RLM homepage - icons_Upholding Integrity

Upholding Integrity

Strict copyright and plagiarism policies ensure ethical use of third-party RTO learning resources. Respect for intellectual property is at our core.
RLM homepage - icons_Award-Winning Support

Award-Winning Support

Our dedicated client support team has been recognised for their excellence in assisting with training resources for RTOs. With every step of your journey, from the purchase of RTO materials to delivery, we are ready to provide unparalleled assistance.
Unparalleled RTO Training Resources in Australia

Unparalleled RTO Training Resources in Australia

RTO Learning Materials partners with Australia’s leading resource publishers to bring you our extensive range of learning resources, RTO assessment resources, RPL kits, and other VET resources. Serving TAFEs, Universities, private RTOs, community colleges, and other Registered Training Organisations (RTOs).
Our range of training resources in Australia can also be used by non-accredited training providers – for internal training within an organisation or by international training providers who do not operate under the Australian VET system.
Find specifically what you need when you drill down into the diverse categories and subcategories of our RTO training resources for sale.

What Our RTO Materials Contain

Discover the power of our comprehensive training resources for RTOs. Take your training delivery to the next level!

Exceptional RTO Learning Resources are Just a Message Away

Learner Guide

Unlock comprehensive content with our VET resources, fully customisable and mapped to unit requirements.

Learning Activity Booklet

Engage students with formative RTO assessment resources, practice activities, and valuable checkpoints for trainers.

Learning Resource Mapping Tool

Elevate your educational approach and optimise your training program with our comprehensive learning resource mapping tool.

PowerPoint Presentation

Enhance your training sessions with engaging, comprehensive presentation aids suitable for any setting.
Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionise your training delivery. Take action now and unlock the potential of our digital RTO training resources for sale.
Contact us today for free resource samples and explore RTO resources to purchase!

Discover More of Our Training Resource Solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of training resource solutions designed to meet the specific needs of RTOs. Discover and explore the different types of VET resources we provide!
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Vocational Placement Kits

Our vocational placement kits are expertly designed to meet the specific needs of RTOs, providing the essential RTO resources for vocational placements. These RTO materials streamline the process and facilitate effective coordination between students and placement providers.

Assessment Tools

Our RTO assessment resources package offers comprehensive tools and benchmarks for accurate evaluations. Trainers can confidently assess learners' understanding and proficiency, ensuring consistency and fairness with our precise RTO assessment resources.

LLN Tools

Our LLN tools provide RTOs with validated diagnostic assessments for language, literacy, and numeracy skills. Our RTO resources offer valuable insights to shape instruction and support strategies. With our LLN tools VET resources, you can ensure precise evaluations and empower learners with the targeted assistance they need to succeed.

RPL Kits

Our RPL kits contain comprehensive RTO resources and guidelines for assessors to evaluate learners' existing skills and knowledge. These RTO resources streamline the RPL process, saving time and effort while ensuring compliance with standards and regulations.

e-Learning Resources

Our e-Learning resources are not only interactive and engaging but also highly cost-effective, allowing RTOs to provide quality training while optimising their budget. With plug-and-play readiness, these RTO resources offer seamless integration into existing learning management systems, making implementation effortless and efficient.

Discover Unbeatable Deals on Premium RTO Materials for Sale!

Discover irresistible discounts and limited time offers on exceptional RTO materials for sale! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to access high-quality RTO resources at a fraction of the cost. Grab the discounted training and assessment resources while you can!

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