About Our Products

Question: Do you offer samples?

Answer: Yes. You can request samples at 1300 808 480 or enquiries@rtolearningmaterials.com.au.

You can also book a resource walkthrough with our Sales Team for an overview of our training materials.


Question: Are your training resources validated?

Answer: Yes. Our team validates the training materials during development. They include detailed mapping for each task in the Assessor Guide and a master matrix to make compliance easier.


Questions: Do your products guarantee compliance?

Answer: We always do our best to apply client and audit feedback when writing our training resources to improve their quality.

However, compliance is subjective to every RTO and depends on the context of training and assessment. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that each training material in our catalogue is compliant with every auditors’ interpretation and expectations.

Moreover, RTO Learning Materials has acquired the license to distribute part of Careers Australia‘s library of training resources and is making them available to Australian training organisations. This catalogue includes one of the largest ranges of training resources in Australia, which have not been available to the general public before.

These resources are offered on an “as-is, where-is” basis. Therefore, there may be gaps in the assessment tools that need to be rectified, or the resources might have missing files. This is because the materials were not required or because Careers Australia had not completed them before the new acquisition.


Question: Do you offer a rectification assistance guarantee?

Answer: The publishers of our training resources (Precision Group (Australia), Compliant Learning Resources, TotalVET Training Resources, and RTO Learning Materials) offer their own rectification assistance guarantee.

It applies to purchases of a single unit and a complete training package. Unfortunately, the rectification assistance guarantee does not apply to those who purchase only a part of a unit (such as the Assessment Tool or the Learner Guide package).

Also, our partner publishers offer their own rectification assistance guarantee. Kindly refer to our Terms of Sale to learn about how to claim their rectification assistance guarantee.


Question: Will the assessment pass audit?

Answer: We develop our products following high standards. We also apply feedback from clients and audits and lessons learned throughout the years of writing training resources. Therefore, we are confident that they will meet the audit requirements.

However, every auditor has their own interpretation of the RTO Standards and guidelines. To help meet your unique standards, we offer an audit rectification assistance guarantee.


Question: How can we take advantage of audit rectification assistance?

Answer: Kindly notify us in writing. Provide a copy of your official audit report at least 20 business days before your audit and it to support@rtolearningmaterials.com.au.

This will give us enough time to validate and supply the rectified materials.


Question: Can you customise the training materials for us?

Answer: No, but we can refer you to an independent organisation that can provide you with customisation services should you require any assistance.


Question: The link to my resources expired. How do I reaccess them?

Answer: The link we provide is valid for 7 days only. If you couldn’t download them within that timeframe, request a new link from support@rtolearningmaterials.com.au or call 1300 80 84 80.


Ordering and Payment

Question: How do I order?

Answer: You can order through our online shop or by getting in touch with us at enquiries@rtolearningmaterials.com.au or 1300 80 84 80.


Question: How do I pay for my order?

Answer: You can use credit cards, Paypal and EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) when you order through our online shop.

Otherwise, we’ll generate and send you an invoice which you can pay through bank transfer or credit card.


Question: Can I pay over the phone?

Answer: No. We don’t accept payments over the phone for security purposes.


Question: Do I have to pay upfront for my order?

Answer: Yes, you need to pay all orders in full before we can deliver them to you.



Question: How will I receive the training resources I ordered?

Answer: We deliver all our training materials in digital format through a secure document delivery service (usually SharePoint, Dropbox or any similar applications).


Question: When will I receive my order?

Answer: Our standard delivery timeframe is 2-5 business days, depending on the volume of orders we’ve received.

Please note that we process orders on a “first come, first served” basis. Delays to the payment and licensing processes may result in delays in the delivery of your order.


Question: When do you deliver pre-orders?

Answer: We deliver pre-orders within 5 business days upon completion of the training resources.

For more information about our resource development schedule and complete dates, contact us at enquiries@rtolearningmaterials.com.au.


Question: Are the timelines for the pre-ordered units final?

Answer: The timelines are only estimates. Our team can complete a unit earlier or later, depending on different factors. Rest assured, we’ll keep you updated with any changes to the completion dates.


Question: I need my pre-ordered resources before your estimated timeline. Can you expedite the delivery?

Answer: Our team is working diligently to expedite the development and delivery of all remaining units and resources. We also prioritise the development of the most popular units to cater to the needs of most RTOs.

We understand compliance is paramount in the modern VET industry. Therefore, we are not willing to take shortcuts to ensure the quality of our resources.


Development Process

Question: How long does it take to complete new resources?

Answer: Our standard development cycle is 6-8 weeks per unit to ensure you get high-quality training resources and maintain compliance as a training organisation.


Resource updates to new qualification/ unit releases

Question: Do you provide free updates to new qualification/ unit releases?

Answer: We provide free updates and enhancements only for qualification/ unit releases with minor changes and if the qualification/ unit code hasn’t changed.

For major releases with new qualification/ unit codes, we could offer our existing clients a discounted price for the updated resources.


Question: Can I exchange my superseded training resources for new ones?

Answer: If you bought your superseded resources from us, we could provide special upgrade offers to assist you with getting brand-new training resources.

To know more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at support@rtolearningmaterials.com.au or 1300 80 84 80.



Question: Do you offer refunds?

Answer: Please see our returns and refunds policy here. You can also contact us at support@rtolearningmaterials.com.au.



Question: Can I get an additional discount if I order in bulk?

Answer: You can get discounts when you order two (2) or more qualification packages. However, any requests regarding discounts are subject to the manager’s approval.


Question: Do you have promos?

Answer: Yes, we have promos and other sales available all year-round. Sign up for our newsletter and email list, so you never miss out on awesome deals.



Question: How can I get a copy of my invoice?

Answer: We’ll provide you with a link where you may download a PDF file of your invoice.


Question: Can I get an additional discount after I have already received my invoice?

Answer: Any requests regarding further discounts shall be subject to management’s approval.


Question: I need to add/ update some details in my invoice. How can I do it?

Answer: Kindly contact support@rtolearningmaterials.com.au regarding any changes to your invoice.


Copyright and Licensing

Question: Can I remove copyright marks from the documents if I bought the digital editable format?

Answer: RTO Learning Materials owns all Copyright on its products as detailed in the Copyright Act 1969.

Our copyright acknowledgement should be kept inside the cover of each document, as well as the footer of each page.


Question: Can I insert my own logo in the resources?

Answer: You are free to rebrand the materials under your One-Off license. This includes adding your logo, as long as the copyright is acknowledged anywhere in the resources.


Question: Can I make some terms in my license agreement (remove/ revise a clause, etc.)?

Answer: Our license agreements contain our standard terms and conditions. If you want us to make the changes, please get in touch with support@rtolearningmaterials.com.au. Any requests for revisions are subject to management’s approval.

The usual turnaround time reviewing such requests is around 4-7 business days, depending on the nature of the request.


Question: I have other RTOs. Can I buy one copy of training resources and use it for my other RTOs?

Answer: Our license agreement only allows one Registered Training Organisation (RTO) per resource.

However, you may request to get discounts for subsequent licenses (full access to updates and enhancements, rectification assistance, and ongoing support) for your other RTOs.


Question: Can I resell the training resources I bought from you?

Answer: Our license agreement and fee do not cover reselling of our training resources.

However, if you wish to be a reselling partner, kindly contact us at info@rtolearningmaterials.com.au. We’d be happy to discuss the arrangement with you.