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Develop Your Online Courses Swiftly Through eSkilled AI Course Creator

Harness the power of cutting-edge AI tools to streamline the course creation process, boost engagement, and enhance the overall learning journey. Learn more about eSkilled AI course creator and see how it can elevate your RTO!
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How eSkilled Can Help Your RTO

Discover the power of our AI course builder, equipped with robust features that effortlessly facilitate the creation of immersive and interactive courses. Uncover the advantages of choosing eSkilled AI Course Creator for your development requirements.

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Easy Course Creation

Automate the development of course outlines, lesson plans, and learning materials with our AI course builder, streamlining the design process, and making course creation more efficient.
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Dynamic Content Enhancement

Enrich your courses with interactive features like quizzes, simulations, and multimedia through eSkilled AI Course Creator. Engage learners and reinforce understanding with these vibrant learning aids.
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Built-In Progression Tracking

Utilise real-time analytics within the AI course generator to monitor learner progress and performance. Identify areas for improvement, refine content, and make informed decisions, elevating the overall learner experience.

Extended Features from eSkilled AI Course Creator’s Toolbox

This AI Course Creator is the ultimate solution for course creators and instructional designers seeking a swift, hassle-free approach to crafting and delivering high-quality courses. Revolutionise learner experiences with our cutting-edge AI course generator.
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Seamless LMS Integration

Effortlessly integrate into any SCORM-compatible LMS to streamline the process and facilitate seamless course sharing. Courses are shareable not only through SCORM output but also via LTI sharing, URL, and embed code.

Efficient Course Updates

Update your course materials with ease through eSkilled AI Course Creator. Make changes within the platform and export the revised SCORM package, eliminating the need for manual LMS updates.

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