Discover How Our Simulated Business Sites Can Elevate Your Training

Your Students’ Bridge Between Theory and Practical Application

Dive into our user-friendly simulated business sites where unemployed or overseas students can easily complete learning activities using our wide range of workplace documentation. Students will enjoy the straightforward, intuitive navigation and realistic experience our sites provide.
  • Save considerable time, effort and money from developing yourself
  • Avoid confidentiality issues that might arise with using real workplace documents
  • Enjoy a single set of login credentials for your RTO
Ideal for:
  • Unemployed students
  • Helping students apply what they learn

Unlock Excellence With Simulated Training

Ideal for CRICOS RTOs

Our simulated business sites are perfect for CRICOS training organisations catering to students on visas that don’t permit students to work in Australia. Our sites enable anyone from anywhere to easily complete learning activities as part of their course.

Provide a Safe Place for Students to Practice Their Skills

Our simulated business sites provide a safe space for students to learn and make mistakes without real-world consequences.

Real-world Challenges and Scenarios

Immerse students in challenges and tasks mirroring their future workplace environments with our simulated business sites. This practical approach enhances the overall learning experience.

What Our Simulated Business Sites Have in Store for You

Discover the seamless navigation and rich features of our websites:
  • Flexibility: Our simulated business sites are just like any website, so your students can access them anywhere, anytime!
  • Varied documents: Access a diverse array of workplace documents, including policies, procedures, meeting minutes, forms, templates, agendas, organisation charts, role descriptions, financial data, case studies, role play scenarios and more!
  • Real world documentation: Unlike other publishers, we go to great lengths to ensure our documentation mimics that of the real world, to provide an authentic experience and prepare students for the workplace. Plus, this addresses the Standards for RTOs 2015 that states training and assessment must reflect real-world standards.
  • Unlimited access: Like our unlimited student licence, train as many students as you like with our business sites. Enjoy uninterrupted access throughout the licensing period of your units, with ample time for teaching and transitioning students following any modifications to the training package.
Accountability Now

For FNS Simulated Training

Awesome Landscapes

For BSB Simulated Training

Cascade Peak School

For CHC Simulated Training

Cascade Peak Training Institute

For TAE Simulated Training

Lotus Compassionate Care

For CHC Simulated Training

Cascade Peak Construction

For CPC Simulated Training

The Continent Hotel

For SIT Simulated Training

Bounce Fitness

For SIS Simulated Training


Simulated business sites accompany many of the units and qualifications developed by the following publishers:
  • RTO Learning Materials
  • Precision RTO Resources
  • Compliant Learning Resources
  • TotalVET Training Resource

To enquire about a specific unit or qualification, contact our team.

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