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We offer a diverse range of top-quality TAE training resources designed to empower your RTO and elevate your training delivery. Get TAE RTO training materials crafted by experienced VET resource developers. Enjoy access to simulated business sites, unlimited licences, audit rectification guarantees and more at affordable prices!

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Code Name
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
Certificate IV Training and Assessment
Diploma of Vocational Education and Training
Diploma Vocational Education and Training
Diploma of Training Design and Development
Plan assessment activities and processes
Assess competence
Participate in assessment validation
Assess competence in an online environment
Assess competence
Participate in assessment validation
Design and develop assessment tools
Lead assessment
Design and develop assessment tools
Lead assessment moderation and validation processes
Develop and implement plans for recognition of prior learning
Provide work skill instruction
Provide work skill instruction
Plan, organise and deliver group-based learning
Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace
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Boost Learner Outcomes With Premium TAE RTO Training Materials

Explore the treasure trove of TAE resources we meticulously crafted to make your RTO stand out in a dynamic education landscape. Unveil a world of possibilities with our TAE RTO training materials, spanning diverse qualifications and competency units, such as:
  • Assessing Competence
  • Participating in Assessment
  • Validation
  • Designing and Developing Assessment Tools
  • Leading Assessment
  • Overseeing Assessment Moderation and Validation Processes
Equip your trainers with the best tools and give your students the best TAE training resources!
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Reap Amazing Benefits with Our TAE RTO Learning Materials

Your new TAE RTO training materials are designed to meet industry standards and cater to students’ diverse needs. Here’s what’s in it for your RTO:
  • Unlimited Student Licences: Train as many students as needed without additional per-student costs.
  • Comprehensive Learner Guides: Enrich the training experience for your students with practical exercises and dynamic presentations.
  • Detailed Assessment Tools: Find detailed instructions, multiple evaluation methods, and supplementary documents included in your TAE training resources.
  • Mapping Documents: Find where learning resources and assessment tools meet pertinent unit and assessment requirements for easy validation.
  • Editable Digital Format: Easily customise and contextualise your new TAE RTO learning materials for business and student needs.
  • Simulated Business Website: Give students access to extensive workplace documents and role-play scenarios for completing training activities.
  • Optional TAE e-Learning Resources: Boost engagement with interactive elements, audio narration, and self-marking quizzes.
  • Audit Rectification Guarantee provides your RTO with support should any compliance issues be uncovered during an official regulatory audit.
  • Enjoy free updates to your RTO materials when there are regulatory or compliance changes.

We Offer a Comprehensive Suite of RTO Tools

Aside from our TAE training resources, we offer a wealth of tools your organisation can use:

Nurture Your Learners’ Skills with Premium TAE Training Resources

Our up-to-date and industry relevant TAE RTO training materials are mean to support your RTO in providing students with the necessary tools for success. Fill in the form for detailed pricing information on our TAE resources.
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