Australian Industry Standards Rebrands as Industry Skills Australia

Industry Skills Australia: A New Name for a New Era of Workforce Development and Skills Training

Australian Industry Standards (AIS) has undergone a significant transformation, unveiling its new brand identity as Industry Skills Australia (ISA). The rebranding comes at a crucial time as the organisation prepares for significant changes to Australia’s national training system.

As a member of the newly established Jobs and Skills Councils, ISA will work in partnership with the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR), Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA), industry experts, and other important partners to address the various workforce planning and skills development challenges facing the country.

What is Industry Skills Australia’s Focus?

The new brand identity embodies ISA’s people-first approach, commitment to the industry, and forward-looking approach. ISA will lead and drive workforce development planning and skills development for the Transport and Logistics (Road, Rail, Aviation, and Maritime), Omnichannel Logistics, and Space Transport industries.

As a Jobs and Skills Council, some of ISA’s responsibilities include:

  • Workforce planning to identify the industry’s current and emerging skills needs, culminating in national workforce development plans
  • Training product development to lift the quality, innovation and speed to market of training products
  • Promotion of career pathways and monitoring the impact of training delivery
  • Industry stewardship to give the industry a strong, evidentiary-based voice on issues affecting their industries and to provide advice on VET system policies to ensure they are fit for purpose

The Jobs and Skills Councils will be established from January 2023 and will be in place for all major sectors of the economy.

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