Empowering Australia’s VET Industry with Skills Insight, the Newest Jobs and Skills Council

Introducing Skills Insight, Australia’s Latest Jobs and Skills Council
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Skills Impact has recently established the Agribusiness Jobs and Skills Council, Skills Insight, which will serve as a powerful platform for the industry to make its presence known in Australia’s VET sector.

Skills Insight, one of the ten Job and Skills Councils (JSCs) being established, endeavours to be a game-changer in the representation of the industry. It aims to make a difference by broadening its scope to serve industries beyond the agribusiness supply chain, from primary production to plants and animals, forestry, and timber.

Skills Insight also encompasses emerging initiatives in natural resource security and environmental management, as well as the textiles, clothing and footwear, and furnishings industries.

This broadening of focus sets Skills Insight apart, positioning itself to bring a more comprehensive and inclusive approach to serving the industry and promoting a responsive VET system and a skilled and resilient workforce.

Skills Insight is taking a collaborative approach to achieve its goals by working with key stakeholders such as employers, unions, RTOs (Registered Training Organisations), and other Jobs and Skills Councils (JSCs). By doing so, the new Jobs and Skills Council intends to provide strategic leadership, promote alignment in the VET sector, and drive positive outcomes for learners, businesses, and the VET sector.

As a new council, Skills Insight will perform many vital functions to improve the VET sector. These functions include workforce planning, developing training products, implementing, promoting, monitoring, and industry stewardship.

A website for Skills Insight will be available soon. Current subscribers will receive updates through their newsletter.

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Be Heard: Your Voice Matters in Building Jobs and Skills Australia’s Future

The Minister for Skills and Training, Brendan O’Connor, underscored the significance of Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA) in addressing the country’s skills shortage.

Minister O’Connor emphasised the importance of seeking input from all stakeholders in strengthening Jobs and Skills Australia to benefit businesses, industry, and the Australian public, particularly those disadvantaged. He stressed the need to ensure that the billions of dollars invested in skills training are directed toward critical labour market shortages. This can only be done by working closely with partners to gather the necessary information. He noted that accurate analysis and forecasting from Jobs and Skills Australia are crucial to prioritise and plan for the required skills.

He has called for feedback from various stakeholders on the future of Jobs and Skills Australia and how it can work with them. He proposed expanding the functions of JSA to have a broader economy-wide perspective in its advice. Stakeholder consultation has already identified common themes that will inform its final form.

Minister O’Connor reiterated the government’s openness to feedback and desire to get Jobs and Skills Australia right and meet current and future workforce needs.

Jobs and Skills Australia, with recently appointed Interim Director Peter Dawkins AO at the helm, will serve as an independent source of insights for the government on skills, labour market, and workforce needs, as well as a trusted source of evidence and analysis for all Australians on jobs and skills.

The government has allocated additional funding, including $12.9 million for Jobs and Skills Australia to identify skills shortages and $1.9 million for a capacity study on the clean energy workforce. Jobs and Skills Australia will also lead a $12 million study on adult literacy, numeracy, and digital literacy skills.

The Jobs and Skills Australia Discussion Paper invites feedback from stakeholders on its role, functions, future direction, and priorities. You can submit your discussion paper until February 10, 2023.

Learn more about the submission process here.

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