Updates to the new 2020 BSB Training Package

There have been some significant changes in the BSB training package that affects most of the qualifications and units in the training package. Being one of the most in-demand areas of training, the new BSB training package update means most RTOs and students will be affected. 

The update has added new components, as well as superseded others. The BSB Training Package Version 7.0 includes 20 new units along with a major reduction of seven units from the previous version. This means a lot of RTOs will need to reapply for scope registration as many popular qualifications will no longer be equivalent.  

Qualification guide to the new BSB Training Package 

The Australian Industry Skills Committee (AISC) endorsed updates to 33 qualifications. This move was made to streamline the training package and consolidate many qualifications.  

Here is a list of the updated qualifications: 

  • BSB80120 Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) 
  • BSB80220 Graduate Diploma of Portfolio Management 
  • BSB80320 Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership 

The following qualifications will be deleted once the changes are in place this coming October: 

  • BSB30515 Certificate III in Business Administration (International Education) 
  • BSB30615 Certificate III in International Trade 
  • BSB40715 Certificate IV in Franchising 
  • BSB40915 Certificate IV in Governance 
  • BSB50515 Diploma of Franchising 
  • BSB52318 Diploma of Governance 
  • BSB80315 Graduate Certificate in Leadership Diversity 

The changes mostly affect the Business stream with only just seven qualifications left from its previous 29. Specialised areas are affected by the update, as well. For the full scope of changes, check out training.gov.au 

Unit guide to the new BSB Training Package 

There are 20 new units of competency that will be released in the updated services package which are: 

  • BSBCMM412 Lead difficult conversations 
  • BSBCNV616 Comply with tax obligations in a conveyancing transaction 
  • BSBCRT611 Apply critical thinking for complex problem solving 
  • BSBFIN502 Manage financial compliance 
  • BSBINS502 Coordinate data management 
  • BSBINS515 Participate in archiving activities 
  • BSBINS516 Undertake cataloguing activities 
  • BSBLEG425 Apply principles of legal project management 
  • BSBLEG531 Apply legal principles in administrative law matters 
  • BSBLEG533 Support alternative dispute resolution processes 
  • BSBLEG534 Take instructions in a legal services environment 
  • BSBMKG628 Lead organisational public relations 
  • BSBOPS302 Identify business risk 
  • BSBOPS306 Record stakeholder interactions 
  • BSBPMG541 Manage complex projects 
  • BSBSUS412 Develop and implement workplace sustainability plans 
  • BSBSUS413 Evaluate and report on workplace sustainability 
  • BSBTEC203 Research using the internet 
  • BSBTEC601 Review organisational digital strategy 
  • BSBTWK601 Develop and maintain strategic business networks 

Skillset guide to the new BSB Training Package 

Another big change for BSB Training Package Version 7.0 is the additional skill sets along with the 283 units of competency that will be updatedThe following are the new skill sets created for the update: 

  • BSBSS00095 Lead Auditor Skill Set  
  • BSBSS00111 Human Resources Advisor Skill Set 
  • BSBSS00096 Innovation Practice Skill Set  
  • BSBSS00112 Workplace Technology Skill Set 
  • BSBSS00097 Innovation Leadership Skill Set  
  • BSBSS00113 Digital Business Administration Skill Set 
  • BSBSS00098 Marketing Foundations Skill Set  
  • BSBSS00114 Organisational Governance Skill Set 
  • BSBSS00099 Communications and Public Relations Foundations Skill Set  
  • BSBSS00115 Copyright Management Skill Set 
  • BSBSS00100 Business Operations Support Skill Set  
  • BSBSS00116 Campaign Management Skill Set 
  • BSBSS00101 Business Operations Management Skill Set  
  • BSBSS00117 Diversity and Inclusion Skill Set 
  • BSBSS00102 Micro Business Skill Set  
  • BSBSS00118 Procurement Manager Skill Set 
  • BSBSS00103 New Business Ventures Skill Set  
  • BSBSS00119 Customer Service Skill Set 
  • BSBSS00104 Small Business Management Skill Set  
  • BSBSS00120 Administrative Assistant Skill Set 
  • BSBSS00105 Human Resources Foundations Skill Set  
  • BSBSS00121 Medical Administration Skill Set 
  • BSBSS00106 Introduction to Paralegal Services Skill Set  
  • BSBSS00122 Compliance Skill Set 
  • BSBSS00107 Marketing and Communication Foundations Skill Set  
  • BSBSS00123 Records and Information Management Skill Set 
  • BSBSS00108 Marketing and Communication Skill Set  
  • BSBSS00124 Workplace IT Foundations Skill Set 
  • BSBSS00109 Introduction to Team Management Skill Set  
  • BSBSS00125 Workplace Foundations Skill Set 
  • BSBSS00110 Business Development Skill Set 

RTOs need to take note of these changes and make sure they have a plan moving forward. 

Word of advice for RTOs 

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