UEE Training Package Updates: Key Changes You Should Know

Latest UEE Training Package Updates
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The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) published the latest update to the UEE – Electrotechonology Training Package. In this round of training updates, ASQA mandated changes to allow leeway for both RTOs and student to adjust with the newest version of the UEE training package. In short, ASQA extended transition periods for superseded UEE units.

ASQA’s Authority Regarding Extended Transition Periods

ASQA, as the regulatory body overseeing vocational education and training in Australia, wields the authority to approve transition periods beyond the standard guidelines outlined in Clause 1.26 (a) of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015. This authority is crucial in ensuring the smooth adaptation of RTOs to changing training packages while safeguarding learners’ interests.

In line with the Guidance for Providers – Learner Transitions, ASQA does not grant extended transition periods indiscriminately. Rather, they carefully assess each application, considering whether a genuine disadvantage to a group of learners would arise. This emphasis on safeguarding learners’ interests is at the core of ASQA’s mission.

4 October 2023 UEE Training Package Updates

Last 4 October 2023, ASQA approved an extended transition period for superseded qualifications within the Electrotechnology Training Package in Releases 5.0 and 6.0:

Superseded in UEE Electrotechnology Training Package – Release 5.0:

  • UEE41920 Certificate IV in Electrical – Renewable Energy
  • UEE42020 Certificate IV in Electrical – Photovoltaic Systems
  • UEE43120 Certificate IV in Energy Efficiency and Assessment
  • UEE50120 Diploma of Computer Systems Engineering
  • UEE50711 Diploma of Renewable Energy Engineering
  • UEE60920 Advanced Diploma of Renewable Energy Engineering
  • UEE62020 Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology – Renewable Energy

Superseded in UEE Electrotechnology Training Package – Release 6.0:

  • UEE41220 Certificate IV in Electrical – Rail Signalling

Extended Transition Period Details

For RTOs and learners affected by these superseded qualifications, the good news is that ASQA has extended the transition period until 31 January 2025. However, this extension applies exclusively to students who began formal training in their respective courses by 19 December 2023 and 7 February 2024 for UEE Training Package Releases 5.0 and 6.0, respectively.

Both RTOs and students must understand that by the new transition end date, all students must either complete and receive certification or transfer to a replacement course.

8 February 2023 Introducing UEE Training Package 6.0!

The latest UEE training package update is now live on training.gov.au! The UEE – Electrotechnology Training Package version 6.0 was released on 8 February 2023 after major changes completed by Australian Industry Standards.

8 February 2023 Training Updates for the UEE Training Package in Australia

The latest UEE training package update includes the addition of one qualification, updates to five others, and the removal of one qualification. Additionally, two skill sets and 18 units were added, while 20 units were removed.

Products Affected by the 8 February 2023 UEE Training Package Update


New Qualifications  Superseded Qualifications  Equivalency/Action 
UEE41223 – Certificate IV in Rail Signalling  UEE41220 – Certificate IV in Electrical – Rail Signalling  Not Equivalent 
UEE30820 – Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician    Updated from release 5 to release 6 
UEE33020 – Certificate III in Electrical Fitting    Updated from release 4 to release 5 
UEE40620 – Certificate IV in Electrotechnology – Systems Electrician    Updated from release 5 to release 6 
UEE43020 – Certificate IV in Electrical Equipment and Systems    Updated from release 3 to release 4 
UEE53020 – Diploma of Electrical Systems Engineering    Updated from release 2 to release 3 

Units of Competency

New Units  Superseded Units  Equivalency/Action 
UEERS0020 – Apply rail signalling principles    Added 
UEERS0021 – Assemble and wire electrical rail signalling equipment  UEERS0001 – Assemble and wire internal electrical rail signalling equipment  Not Equivalent 
UEERS0022 – Find and repair rail signalling system faults  UEERS0004 – Find and repair rail signalling system faults  Not Equivalent 
UEERS0023 – Inspect, test and certify rail power signal equipment  UEERS0018 – Test and commission rail power equipment  Equivalent
UEERS0024 – Install and maintain rail track circuit leads and bonds  UEERS0011 – Install and maintain rail track circuit leads and bonds  Equivalent 
UEERS0025 – Maintain active level crossing equipment  UEERS0005 – Install and maintain active level crossing equipment  Equivalent 
UEERS0026 – Maintain communications based signalling equipment    Added 
UEERS0027 – Maintain computer-based interlocking rail systems  UEERS0006 – Install and maintain computer-based interlocking rail systems  Equivalent 
UEERS0028 – Maintain mechanical rail signalling equipment and infrastructure  UEERS0016 – Maintain mechanical rail signalling equipment and infrastructure  Equivalent 
UEERS0029 – Maintain non-vital telemetry systems  UEERS0008 – Install and maintain non-vital telemetry systems  Equivalent 
UEERS0030 – Maintain power-operated point actuating devices  UEERS0009 – Install and maintain power-operated point actuating devices  Equivalent 
UEERS0031 – Maintain rail signalling power supplies  UEERS0010 – Install and maintain rail signalling power supplies  Equivalent 
UEERS0032 – Maintain trackside signal and train protection equipment  UEERS0012 – Install and maintain trackside signal and train protection equipment  Equivalent 
UEERS0033 – Maintain train detection equipment  UEERS0013 – Install and maintain train detection equipment  Equivalent 
UEERS0034 – Maintain vital relay interlocking systems  UEERS0014 – Install and maintain vital relay interlocking systems  Equivalent 
UEERS0035 – Maintain wayside asset protection equipment    Added 
UEERS0036 – Repair rail signalling power and control cables  UEERS0017 – Repair rail signalling power and control cables  Equivalent 
UEERS0037 – Test copper rail signalling cables  UEERS0019 – Test copper rail signalling cables  Equivalent 
UEECD0058 – Observe safety practices are followed in the vicinity of isolated electrical cables    Deleted 
UEERS0002 – Decommission electrical and electromechanical rail signalling from service    Deleted 
UEERS0003 – Develop rail signalling system maintenance programs    Deleted 
UEERS0007 – Install and maintain non-vital screen-based control systems    Deleted 
UEERS0015 – Maintain electronic and microprocessor-based remote control systems    Deleted 

Skill Sets

Skill Sets  Action 
UEESS00189 – Rail Signalling Constructor Skill Set  Added 
UEESS00190 – Electrical – Rail Signalling Principles Skill Set  Added 

How Can RTOs Keep Up with the Latest UEE Training Package Updates?

To stay current with the latest UEE training package updates, Registered Training Organizations (RTOs) must take proactive steps to update their training programs. Here are some actions that your RTO should take:

  • Apply for an addition to the scope of registration if the training package update does not align with your current program.
  • Revisit and secure updated training resources to incorporate any changes outlined in the latest training updates.
  • Stay ahead of the curve by incorporating the latest training updates and acquiring relevant resources from developers.
  • Ensure that students can complete their courses before the transition period ends, and if necessary, transfer them to the updated program before the deadline.

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