Stay Up to Date with the Latest Manufacturing and Engineering MEM Training Package Updates

Latest MEM Training Package Updates: Key Changes You Need to Know

31 October 2023 MEM Training Package Update

The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has granted an extension to the transition period for nine qualifications within the manufacturing and engineering (MEM) training package.

The qualifications affected by this extension are as follows:

ASQA has revised the transition periods, extending MEM20413 to 31 January 2024 and the remaining eight qualifications to 31 January 2025.

It is crucial to note that this extension exclusively applies to students who commenced their training and assessment on or before 17 December 2023, the former transition end date for all nine qualifications.

Registered training organisations (RTOs) are mandated to ensure that all students complete their training and receive their qualifications by the specified end date of the transition period.

Alternatively, students can transition to a replacement qualification before the conclusion of the extended transition period.

ASQA’s decision to extend the transition period for these nine MEM training products followed thorough consultations with the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) and the Training Accreditation Council of Western Australia (TAC WA).

Additionally, ASQA sought valuable insights from the Manufacturing Industry Skills Alliance Jobs and Skills Council to make informed decisions regarding these transition extensions.

MEM 4.0 Training Package Updates

The latest MEM 4.0 for Manufacturing and Engineering training package is now available on! The latest MEM training package has been updated to version 4.0, replacing version 3.0, which was released on December 19, 2022. The update, made by Innovation and Business Skills Australia, addresses the evolving needs of the industry.

This latest MEM training package update includes the addition of six qualifications and updates to three others, as well as the addition of 28 units and an update to one. The following training updates have been made in the MEM 4.0 release:


Qualifications  Action 
MEM50422 – Diploma of Engineering – Non-Destructive Testing  Added 
MEM50522 – Diploma of Engineering – Materials  Added 
MEM50622 – Diploma of Engineering – Prototyping  Added 
MEM50722 – Diploma of Engineering – Planning  Added 
MEM50822 – Diploma of Applied Technologies  Added 
MEM60322 – Advanced Diploma of Engineering – Planning  Added 
MEM30522 – Certificate III in Engineering – Technical  Supersedes and is equivalent to MEM30505 – Certificate III in Engineering – Technical 
MEM40422 – Certificate IV in Engineering Drafting  Supersedes and is equivalent to MEM40412 – Certificate IV in Engineering Drafting 
MEM80122 – Graduate Diploma of Engineering   Supersedes and is equivalent to MEM80112 – Graduate Diploma of Engineering 

Units of Competency

Units  Action 
MEM234039 – Provide technical support for prototyping in large engineering and fabrication projects  Added 
MEM234040 – Plan space allocation for large steel based fabrication and construction projects  Added 
MEM234041 – Manage steel supply for major fabrication projects  Added 
MEM24014 – Perform thermography tests  Added 
MEM24015 – Perform digital and computed radiography  Added 
MEM24016 – Perform eddy current array tests  Added 
MEM24017 – Perform visual testing to non-destructive testing standards  Added 
MEM24018 – Perform advanced ultrasonic testing  Added 
MEM24019 – Apply codes and standards to non-destructive testing  Added 
MEM24020 – Apply materials technology principles to non-destructive tests  Added 
MEM29001 – Work in Industry 4.0  Added 
MEM29002 – Commission a cyber-physical system  Added 
MEM29003 – Apply CAD and CAM technologies in an Industry 4.0 workplace  Added 
MEM29004 – Analyse and problem solve a PLC based industrial control system  Added 
MEM29005 – Diagnose faults in digital control systems  Added 
MEM29006 – Use a SCADA system to assist Industry 4.0 operations in manufacturing and engineering  Added 
MEM29007 – Apply networking technology principles for manufacturing and engineering applications  Added 
MEM29008 – Analyse and manage data in cloud-based systems  Added 
MEM29009 – Prepare, configure and test collaborative robots for industrial operations  Added 
MEM29010 – Plan and implement preventative maintenance procedures in an Industry 4.0 manufacturing workplace  Added 
MEM29011 – Develop a business case for Industry 4.0 implementation in a workplace  Added 
MEM29012 – Access and use a digital twin for operational purposes  Added 
MEM29013 – Integrate sensors into digital manufacturing processes  Added 
MEM48030 – Apply materials selection analysis techniques  Added 
MEM48031 – Select ceramic and glass materials for engineering and manufacturing applications  Added 
MEM48032 – Select composite materials for engineering and manufacturing applications  Added 
MEM48033 – Apply chemistry principles to materials used in manufacturing and engineering processes  Added 
MEM48034 – Apply efficient materials management techniques to composite manufacturing operations  Added 
MEM04031 – Develop and manufacture flat back wood patterns  Updated from release 1 to release 2 

Keep Your RTO Up to Date with the Latest MEM Training Package Updates

Recent training updates to the MEM training package require RTOs to revise their curriculum and students to take updated courses. Follow these steps to stay in compliance with the changes in version 4.0 of the MEM training package update:

  • Revise your RTO’s scope by updating your qualifications and units of competency to include the latest MEM training package.
  • Monitor the use of RTO resources during the 12-month transition period to ensure compliance.
  • Assist students enrolled in removed units and qualifications to complete their training within the specified period.
  • Expand your RTO’s offerings by requesting the inclusion of new, different qualifications and units of competency.

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