Vital Changes RTOs Need to Know About the Latest AMP Training Package Updates in Australia

Vital Australian Meat Processing AMP Training Package Updates RTOs Need to Know
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We are pleased to share some critical updates from the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). Last 2 October 2023, ASQA announced several extended transition period updates to several vital qualifications in the Australian Meat Processing (AMP) training package.

Extended Transition Period for Select Qualifications AMP Qualifications

We are thrilled to inform you that ASQA has recently granted an extended transition period for the following training products:

  1. AMP30316 – Certificate III in Meat Processing (Meat Safety)
  2. AMP30616 – Certificate III in Meat Processing (General)
  3. AMP30716 – Certificate III in Meat Processing (Quality Assurance)
  4. AMP40415 – Certificate IV in Meat Processing (Quality Assurance)
  5. AMP40516 – Certificate IV in Meat Processing (Meat Safety)

The transition period for training, assessment, and certification issuance for these training products has been extended from the initial deadline of 24 January 2024 to the new date of 31 January 2025.

Please note that this extension applies exclusively to the following group of students:

  • Students who commenced formal training and/or assessment in their respective courses on or before 24 January 2024.
  • Students must complete or transfer to the equivalent qualifications before the transition end date.

ASQA is committed to ensuring that any extensions granted are in the best interest of learners. ASQA only considers these extensions when a cohort of learners would face genuine disadvantages without them. So, it’s not a decision taken lightly.

ASQA Ensures Updates Meet Regulatory Standards

In making this decision, ASQA has consulted with the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) and the Training Accreditation Council of Western Australia (TAC). This ensures that the decision aligns with the needs and expectations of the regulatory authorities.

Regarding this extended transition period, ASQA has also sought input from Skills Insight, the Jobs and Skills Council responsible for the AMP Australian Meat Processing Training Package.

As an important note, the training products mentioned above will remain within the scope of registration for RTOs until the end of the extended transition period.

Latest Australian Meat Processing Training Package Updates

The latest Australian Meat Processing (AMP) Training Package Version 8.0, released on 24 January 2023, has been published on the national training register (

The Meat Industry Reference Committee (IRC) reviewed the AMP Training Package and made several fundamental changes to improve flexibility, user-friendliness, and industry relevance.

The latest AMP Training Package update, developed by Skills Impact, merged five out of eight qualifications into two, updated three with new codes, improved flexibility, better aligned with job outcomes to meet current and future industry needs, and complied with the Standards for Training Packages.

The AMP Training Package Version 8.0 also removed the point system, revised core units, and added new ones to address current job tasks, such as meat inspection in micro meat processing enterprises. It also developed two new skill sets and updated one skill set.

The merged qualifications offer a comprehensive education in meat processing, with options for general training or specialised fields, such as quality control and management in Certificate III in Meat Processing or leadership development in Certificate IV in Meat Processing and Quality Management.

The new AMP Training Package update also produced the Training Package Companion Volume Implementation Guide (CVIG) to support delivery, including information on assessment conditions, specific advice on assessing meat safety units, and other essential details.

The Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) endorsed the final draft units of competency, skill sets, and qualifications on 29 November 2022, after consideration by state and territory skills ministers.

AMP Training Package Version 8.0

Meat safety technical specialist Tom Collyer said that efforts had been made to address the challenges trainers face in delivering relevant training to various industry sectors. Revisions have been made to the existing units to ensure that trainees attain the necessary competencies that meet the unit and industry requirements.

“The updated qualifications will give trainees the opportunity to use recognition of prior learning to gain a new qualification that opens a new direction within our industry. This has a significant positive influence on recruitment and retention. I look forward to continuing teaching and working with trainees within our industry with the updated standards for meat processing,” he said.

Qualifications Training Updates

Updated  Superseded  Equivalency 
AMP30322 – Certificate III in Meat Safety Inspection  AMP30316 – Certificate III in Meat Processing (Meat Safety)  Non-equivalent 
AMP30622 – Certificate III in Meat Processing  AMP30616 – Certificate III in Meat Processing (General) 

AMP30716 – Certificate III in Meat Processing (Quality Assurance) 

AMP40222 – Certificate IV in Meat Processing  AMP40215 – Certificate IV in Meat Processing (General) 

AMP40315 – Certificate IV in Meat Processing (Leadership) 

AMP40415 – Certificate IV in Meat Processing (Quality Assurance) 

AMP40522 – Certificate IV in Meat Safety Inspection   AMP40516 – Certificate IV in Meat Processing (Meat Safety)  Non-equivalent 
AMP60122 – Advanced Diploma of Meat Processing  AMP60121 – Advanced Diploma of Meat Processing  Equivalent

Newly Added Skill Sets

The new Australian Meat Processing Training Package update has added two new skill sets:

Units of Competency Training Updates

At least 101 units of competency were revised in the new AMP Training Package update. Find the complete details here.

Moving Forward with the AMP Training Package Update: What RTOs Must Know

With the Australian Meat Processing (AMP) Training Package updates, RTOs need to prepare and make necessary changes. Here are the key things to keep in mind:

  • Familiarise yourself with new entry requirements and equivalency of units and qualifications.
  • Develop a well-structured transition plan.
  • Wait for the scope of registration before marketing new courses.
  • Ensure trainers are qualified to deliver the new courses.
  • Secure up-to-date AMP Training package resources.

Don’t wait until the last minute! Start planning and preparing to ensure a smooth transition with the latest AMP Training Package updates. The affected qualifications will be removed from your scope once the extended transition period ends, so be proactive and secure the resources you need to succeed.

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