Released BSB v7.0 Updates: What You Need to Know?

BSB v7.0 Release
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It’s official! The 2020 BSB Training Package is now out on, effectively replacing all previous units and qualifications.  

The regulatory commission created the much-anticipated update to keep the training package in line with the ever-evolving best practices and support regulatory compliance. The latest version also takes into consideration the increasingly digital environment that students need to be prepared for when they enter the field. 

The BSB v7.0 update is considered one of the most encompassing changes to the training package the industry has seen in a long time. The major restructuring of the whole training package has qualifications and units of competency changed or removed altogether.  

What are the changes to the BSB Training Package? 

The new BSB training package sees a significant number of qualifications in the package that are no longer equivalent to the latest versions. The update merged several old qualifications and deleted others to streamline the whole training package.

Almost half of the qualifications in the previous BSB training package have been reduced, from 62 qualifications to only 33 in the latest version. The units of competency have also been cut down drastically from 559 to only 303.    

For the full scope of the new BSB v7.0 update, check out the Updates to the New 2020 BSB Training Package article. 

What should RTOs do in light of this extensive update? 

With so many qualifications considered not equivalent to the new BSB training package, RTOs really need to hurry to get ahead of the changes. RTOs will have to apply for the new versions through the usual channels. 

RTOs urgently need to replace their superseded qualifications with brand-new BSB training resources. If you want to be first to market, you need to secure the latest RTO resources quickly. The sooner you get these resources, the sooner you’ll be able to contextualise them to meet the needs of your RTO and potential learners. 

Finding new BSB training resources 

Getting high-quality RTO resources is a must if you want to stay ahead of the update and be among the first to market. Find training resources that are up-to-date and meet your standards. Check out our range of new BSB resources for sale: 

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          Preparation is the best way to manage these significant industry changes. Make sure you have all the RTO training materials you need before the rush. 

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