RII Training Package Updates: Key Changes You Should Know

RII Training Package Updates 2020
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The NEW RII Training Package Is Coming: Here’s What You Should Know

Feedback for the final draft of the Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training Package Version 5.0 has just ended, and it seems RTOs can expect significant changes in the new update.   

The update includes changes in the qualifications and units of competencies in the Extractive, Metalliferous Mining, New and Emerging Technology, and Civil Construction projects.  

All said projects, except New and Emerging Technology, have new and updated Qualifications.  

What Major Changes Can You Expect from the New RII Training Package?

In the final draft released by PwC’s Skills for Australia, the proposed changes reflect the massive need to address the gaps in the RII training products.  

Some of the major changes are:  

  • There is a total of 21 new qualifications and over a hundred* new units between the Extractive, Metalliferous Mining, New and Emerging Technology, and Civil Construction projects.  
  • Research and consultation carried out by Skills for Australia were used to establish the Case for Change. The AISC endorsed it on behalf of the Civil Infrastructure IRC in August 2019.  
  • The final draft of training products will be provided to the Civil Infrastructure IRC for endorsement and submission to the AISC in October 2020.  

Here is a list of the new and updated qualifications that you can expect:

New Resources and Infrastructure Industry – RII Qualifications


Qualification Code Qualification Name
RII20220 Certificate II in Surface Extraction Operations
RII30120 Certificate III in Surface Extraction Operations
RII40120 Certificate IV in Surface Extraction Operations
RII50120 Diploma of Surface Operations Management
RII60220 Advanced Diploma of Extractive Industries Management
RII20420 Certificate II in Underground Metalliferous Mining
RII20520 Certificate II in Resource Processing
RII30320 Certificate III in Underground Metalliferous Mining
RII30420 Certificate III in Resource Processing
RII40320 Certificate IV in Underground Metalliferous Mining Operations
RII40520 Certificate IV in Resource Processing
RII20720 Certificate II in Civil Construction
RII30820 Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations
RII30920 Certificate III in Civil Construction
RII31220 Certificate III in Civil Foundations
RII40720 Certificate IV in Civil Construction
RII40820 Certificate IV in Civil Construction Design
RII50420 Diploma of Civil Construction Management
RII50520 Diploma of Civil Construction Design
RII60520 Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design
RII60620 Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction

What Should My RTO Keep in Mind?  

If you are currently offering courses in the RII training package, then note that now is the best time to update your course materials and add new courses to the scope. You should secure new 2020 RII training ASAP so you can be one of the first to market the new qualifications.  

Remember, being the first to market will help your RTO get ahead of the competition. Students will always want to enrol in the latest training courses, so it pays to be ready to deliver the courses ASAP.  

What Can My RTO Do?  

Stay tuned for more news on the RII training package, and prepare for any changes that may affect your courses. You may consult industry experts to help your RTO develop a development or training delivery strategy.  

Have plans to market and deliver the 2020 RII Qualifications or units? Be sure to get course materials with training and compliance features built into them since it will be a big help during audits!  

If you want to save on development costs and time and be one of the first RTOs to market with the updated qualifications and units, then don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1300 808 480 or enquire at enquire@rtolearningmaterials.com.au. This opportunity may be what you need to get ahead of the competition!  



*Please refer to official announcements for an updated list of units. 

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