The Role and Impact of Jobs and Skills Councils in Australia

Jobs and Skills Councils: Future-Proofing Australian Workers through VET Transformation

In a groundbreaking move, Australia’s vocational education and training (VET) landscape is undergoing a transformative shift led by the Jobs and Skills Councils (JSCs). Jobs and Skills Councils are industry-driven entities operating across ten different sectors throughout Australia These industry-driven, not-for-profit entities are strategically positioned to reshape the nation’s workforce, ensuring optimal outcomes for learners and employers.

What is the Role of Jobs and Skills Councils?

Fueling Progress Across Industries

Their mission is to spearhead initiatives that address skills and workforce challenges within their respective industries.

Aligning Industries for Real-World Impact

Jobs and Skills Councils are actively working to make the VET system more responsive to real-world needs, ensuring that students’ learning experiences are in sync with the ever-evolving workforce demands.

Building Trust and Collaboration

JSCs play a crucial role in building trust and collaboration between industry stakeholders, educational and training institutions, and regulatory bodies. This collaborative approach aims to instill confidence in the educational process, ensuring a robust and effective learning environment.

Operational Approach

JSCs spot skills and workforce needs by vigilantly monitoring their industries. They play a pivotal role in planning clear career pathways within educational sectors, provide stakeholders with a roadmap for training and development, and actively develop modern training products that meet industry standards.

Strategic Collaboration

JSCs collaborate closely with Jobs and Skills Australia, leveraging in-depth workforce analysis for a unified approach to addressing skill gaps and enhancing the overall VET landscape.

Core Functions

At their core, JSCs guide workforce planning, raising the bar for VET quality, collaborating with training providers, and serving as intelligence hubs. This function ensures industries move in sync with evolving needs.

Impact of Jobs and Skills Councils (JSCs) on RTOs

  • Strategic Alignment: JSC initiatives guide RTOs in aligning training products with industry insights, enhancing education quality, and ensuring continuous professional development.
  • Expert Guidance and Regulatory Clarity: RTOs are advised to direct inquiries to relevant JSCs for industry-aligned responses and regulatory matters to the relevant VET authority.
  • Education Quality Boost: Collaborating with JSCs elevates education quality, fostering a more dynamic and skilled workforce to benefit learners, employers, and the nation.
  • Professional Development Focus: Vital for RTO trainers and assessors, rigorous continuous professional development processes are imperative to keep them updated on industry trends.
  • Commonwealth Oversight: The Commonwealth Department of Employment and Workplace Relations oversees TAE and FSK temporarily.

This transformation within the VET landscape signifies a shift towards a more dynamic and responsive future for Australia’s workforce, orchestrated by the strategic initiatives of Jobs and Skills Councils.

Who are the JSCs?

Skills Insight

Primary Productions and Beyond

Training packages such as ACM, AHC, and MST are guiding the path in primary production, encompassing agribusiness, fibre, furnishing, food, animal care, and environmental management. These packages extend their influence on emerging sectors like natural resources security, shaping a skilled workforce for the future.

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Learn more about SkillsInsight.


Where Creativity Meets Commerce

Arts, personal services, retail, tourism, and hospitality find their training foundation in sectors like CUA, SHB, and SIT. From fine arts to online sales, this council shapes the high-street experience, fostering a harmonious blend of human services and artistic expression.

Related Training Packages:

Powering Skills Organisation Ltd

Lighting the Path to Energy Evolution

Covering electricity, gas, and renewable energy, this council extends its reach into emerging territories like hydrogen production. It plays a vital role in adapting to the evolving energy landscape.

Related Training Packages:

  • UEE: Electrotechnology
  • UEG: Gas Industry
  • UEP: Electricity Supply Industry – Generation Sector
  • UET: Transmission, Distribution and Rail Sector

Future Skills Organisation

Navigating the Waves of Finance and Technology

In the realm of finance, technology, and business, BSB and ICT lead professional services, incorporating digital literacy and artificial intelligence. They anticipate the business landscape of tomorrow, including emerging technologies like cybersecurity and the Internet of Things.

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Manufacturing Industry Skills Alliance

Engineering Tomorrow’s Industries

From pharmaceuticals to aerospace technologies, FBP and MEM shape the diverse spectrum of manufacturing. The council leads the way in light manufacturing and cutting-edge advancements, including defense and space technologies.

Related Training Packages:

  • FBP: Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical (food and beverage production)
  • ICP: Printing and Graphic Arts
  • MEA: Aeroskills
  • MEM: Manufacturing and Engineering
  • MEM05: Metal and Engineering
  • MSL: Laboratory Operations
  • MSM: Manufacturing
  • MSA07: Manufacturing
  • MSS: Sustainability
  • PMA: Chemical, Hydrocarbons and Refining
  • PMB: Plastics, Rubber and Cablemaking

Learn more about Manufacturing Industry Skills Alliance.

Mining and Automotive Skills Alliance

Unearthing Opportunities in Every Terrain

At the forefront of mineral exploration, automotive retail, and the rising tide of driverless automotive technologies, RII and AUR navigate the complexities of extraction operations and drive innovation in the automotive sector.

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Industry Skills Australia

Synchronising the Wheels of Transport and Logistics

AVI and TLI oversee the complex warehousing, distribution, and logistical support operations. As the industry evolves, the council sets the stage for emerging trends like omnichannel logistics and air and space transport.

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Public Skills Australia

Safeguarding the Heart of Public Service

CSC and POL cover areas from correctional services to local government, ensuring the pillars of public safety and government services remain robust and adaptive.

Related Training Packages:

  • CSC: Correctional Services
  • DEF: Defence
  • LGA: Local Government
  • POL: Police
  • PSP: Public Sector
  • PUA: Public Safety


Nurturing the Foundations of Community Well-being

CHC, HLT, and SIS are custodians of community services, ensuring that the pillars of community well-being are solid and resilient.

Related Training Packages:

Learn more about HumanAbility.

BuildSkills Australia

Crafting the Blueprint for Infrastructure

CPC and NWP are architects of Australia’s growth, covering property services, construction, and civil infrastructure. They provide the blueprint for small-scale and large-scale projects, ensuring the nation’s infrastructure is robust and sustainable.

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