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July 21, 2021 Update on the CHC Community Services (Children’s Education and Care) Training Package

The 2021 CHC Child Care and Education Support qualifications are published on, superseding the 2013 and 2015 versions.

There is a one-year teach-out period to give current students enrolled in the 2013 and 2015 courses enough time to complete their training. RTOs are highly encouraged to transition ahead of the deadline to avoid compliance issues once the deadline is up.

Keep reading to learn more about this latest update and what it means for your RTO.


April 20, 2021 Update on the CHC Community Services (Children’s Education and Care) Training Package

The updates to the CHC Community Services training package concerning Children’s Education and Care have been approved and will move forward. They will now be endorsed to the Ministers.

All the changes approved in the latest meeting include the deletion of Certificate IV in School Age Education and Care. The removal of prerequisites from two units in the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care and retaining of the proposed entry requirement to the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care.

The AISC has also agreed to the development of resources to support RTOs to undertake Recognition of Prior Learning for students with experience in the sector or other education-related qualifications who do not meet the entry requirement to the Diplomat of Childhood Education.

The Committee has already approved research to be commissioned to examine the impact of the Certificate III entry requirements on the Diploma on Diploma enrolment/completions over the next 18-24 months.

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Click here for the full AISC 20th April 2021 Communique


April 14, 2021 Update on the CHC Community Services (Children’s Education and Care) Training Package

The 2 qualifications from the CHC Community Services (Children’s Education and Care) training package which were not approved last February will be resubmitted for endorsement at the April 20th AISC meeting.

If the qualifications are approved, we can expect those to be published on within the next month or so.

See the full AISC meeting agenda here.



In the latest Australian Industry Skills Committee (AISC) Meeting held last 23 February 2021, the Committee, the Case Endorsement for the Children’s Education and Care update was not fully approved.

Out of the six qualifications sent for approval only four were approved and the two will be sent back to SkillsIQ for further revisions. The last two qualifications are planned to be resubmitted to the AISC for approval. If you’re looking for the full update on the latest AISC Meeting, read more here.

For those delivering training in the Early Childhood Education and Care sector, it’s pertinent to keep abreast of the latest in the training package. Read on to learn more about what the latest CHC training package update entails.

A quick overview of the Update to the Early Childhood Education and Care qualifications

The following qualifications and their associated 65 units of competency in the Children’s Education and Care Sector were up for review:

The AISC recently announced that the following qualifications are “in-principal approved” which means the Committee has signed off on the qualifications.

However, there were two qualifications that were not approved by the Committee and are subject to resubmission. These qualifications will be reviewed again by relevant stakeholders and the Industry Reference Committees (IRC) to meet the issues raised during the meeting.

The publication of the four approved qualifications will be delayed until the CHC50121 and CHC40121 qualifications are completed.

The AISC will consider meeting out of session to discuss the Early Childhood Education and Care update if required. The goal is to approve the two remaining qualifications so the training package can be endorsed and published on in a timely manner.

What does this mean for RTOs?

For now, the release of the latest CHC training package is put on hold. Those with the current training materials for the qualifications mentioned above and their related units of competency are still able to deliver training and be compliant with ASQA standards.

However, a lot of students are already holding off enrolling on the affected qualifications due to future upgrades. If your RTO wants to take advantage of the growing demand for the latest courses, they must act quickly and adapt to the changes just as fast.

The best thing for RTOs to do right now is to have a transition plan ready once the new qualifications are officially published on You can do this by securing your training materials as early as now.

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